Our Products
The main product commercialized by Germen is baking flour (about 50% of sales), but other products are expanding significantly, like rice and wheat Baby Food flours, which require a tight control from the growing conditions in the fields to the final consumer in order to be able to ensure the required quality, in particular the absence of contaminants such as pesticides, micotoxins and heavy metals. We also have gluten-free flours suitable for coeliac persons and frozen bakery and pastry products through our sister company Gergran, Ltd.

Our products are divided into two groups: catalog and customized products.

The catalog products are those that are produced with specific characteristics for the purpose intended, within legal specifications, such as wheat flour for industrial customers and end consumers. Specific products are those produced according to a client's specification or "tailor made".
General Contacts
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    4461-901 Senhora da Hora
  • Phone: +351 229 577 140
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